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Commercial Property Buyers Agent Brisbane, Gold & Sunshine Coast

Our full-service offering: 
Simply put, we'll handle everything.

We manage the entire process from sourcing suitable properties all the way through to settlement, including the conduct of thorough due diligence. At every step of the journey it is our job to protect your interests and that is exactly what we do.

A brief rundown of our process is as follows:

1. Develop a full understanding of your requirement and brief

An initial consultation to properly identify your needs for the property, realistic budget range, and other information which will form the basis for our strategy and plan moving ahead. 

2. Strategic research & search (on market & off market) to source suitable properties 

Tapping into commercial agent and other networks we will scour the market for all suitable opportunities. In particular cases such as  rarely available properties we will need to use out of the box approaches to uncover potential properties including directly approach property owners. 

3. Inspections

With a range of properties identified we will inspect all opportunities with the aim of shortlisting our options. Depending on your location and requirement we welcome you to inspect with us otherwise we can provide detailed feedback on each property of interest.

4. Shortlisting and assessment of value 

At this stage we will start to dig deeper with our analysis of prospective commercial properties which will likely require research and investigation into specific properties and assessment of market value. The aim of this stage is to narrow down our search and to hone in on a specific desired property, or if applicable a number of potential strong options. 

5. Negotiation & contract terms

With agreement to move forward, we will manage the process of presenting offers to purchase and proceed to negotiate terms of the sale contract in your favour. 

6. Comprehensive due diligence 

With a property under contract, we will efficiently liaise with all relevant parties including solicitors, building inspectors and any other professionals required to manage an extensive due diligence process. Going above and beyond typical due diligence of running standard checks, reviewing leases, tenant payment histories and other legal documentation – we leave no stone unturned in identifying any potential issues which can often be done by talking with tenants, or neighbouring businesses. Our attention to detail and experience in the commercial space provides significant value to protect you as the buyer. 

7. Pre-settlement & settlement liaison

In the latter stages of the purchase, we continue to liaise with all parties and keep across all matters to ensure that there are no last-minute surprises before settlement. 

8. Post-purchase advice

Our service doesn’t stop when the purchase is finalised. We can offer you guidance in all respects moving forward with your asset once under your ownership and are always just a phone call away to assist. 

commercial property buyers agent brisbane

Who can we help?


  • We help first time and experienced commercial property investors alike. 
  • Time-poor professionals or business owners who don’t have enough time for scouring the market for potential properties, dealing with agents and undertaking due diligence of investment properties. 
  • Overseas investors
  • Interstate investors

Owner Occupiers

  • Medical practitioners – dentists, doctors, allied health 
  • Office requirements 
  • Retail requirements
  • Industrial/warehousing 

What type of commercial properties do we buy?

We can assist clients to purchase properties of all types across Brisbane and South East Queensland.

      • Retail
      • Office
      • Industrial
      • Childcare
      • Petrol Stations
      • You name it!

Why use us?

Our background and varied experience across all aspects of commercial property gives you a unique advantage when sourcing commercial properties, assessing their value and potential risks, as well as practical insight into the ongoing management of the asset. 

SALES/LEASING: We have a depth of experience selling and leasing commercial properties across South East Queensland – we know exactly how selling agents operate and how to best work with them for your benefit. 

Further we know exactly what goes into sourcing suitable tenants for commercial properties, the realistic timeframes and incentives required – information which selling agents will often underrepresent.

VALUATION: Having worked within the commercial valuations sector we have a thorough understanding of technical valuation of office, retail, industrial and going concern assets. 

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: With significant hands on experience in property management we have a deep understanding of the dynamics of these types of properties and what goes into the ongoing management of the assets. Further we better understand where things go wrong, red flags that must be considered when purchasing and hidden risks that many people don’t consider when buying commercial properties.

DUE DILIGENCE PARTNERS & NETWORKS: Combining our experience in the commercial property space in Brisbane and wider South East Queensland over many years with the relationships and networks that we have developed, we can leverage these partners to effectively assess buildings and ensuring your interests are protected during the buying process and into the future.

If you are looking for a genuine commercial property buyers agent in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast to assist you to secure a solid commercial asset – we encourage you to book in a call to discuss your requirement.